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[US:NY - Brooklyn-ish] WANTED: PCBA tech freelancer (or recommendation?)


I do embedded software development for multiple clients. I'm working with a small company in New York that occasionally could use a technician to hand-rework some stuff, and I'm trying to connect them with somebody who can handle some occasional prototype hand-assembly/PCB repair/part-replacement type work as a side-gig.

The PCB in question is a wrist-mounted tracker, so the environment is fine-pitch, teeny-tiny parts on a very small, crowded board. At the moment, they have a handful of boards with broken switches, and they need somebody who can replace the switches without any collateral damage. 🙂

If you do this kind of work on an hourly or per-job basis or can recommend somebody you have worked with in the past, please email me via the forum.


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