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Looking for an Altium expert for a complicated layout job
« on: December 10, 2021, 12:46:56 am »
For a project for one of my customers I'm looking for someone (within EU, UK or US tax registered company) who can do a more advanced layout using Altium. I have already finished the schematics but I lack time and Altium skills to do the layout myself in a time efficient manner. The layout itself is a 20x20 cm board with 3 (approx) 700 balls FPGAs. One is a SOC connected to LPDDR4 memory, one is an FPGA and one is an application specific chip. There are several high-speed busses on this board like 10Gbit ethernet, USB3, PCIexpress, etc. Furthermore there is some sensitive analog stuff going on and last but not least a power supply section. A board is already setup (10 layers) and partial component placement is already finished for connectors and components with heat sinks.

I estimate that I would need about 200 to 250 hours for this job with the PCB package I'm used to. My customer probably would like this to start in January 2022 and preferably for a fixed price.

Now I get that it is impossible to give a fixed price based on the description above so I want to go through a selection process in steps. First I would like to have a list with people who are able to do this job (so please provide some references for designs you have worked on; even if it is a blurred picture) and who have time available. The next step is to get an NDA in place so I can give the schematic and the partially routed board for close examination in order to allow making a proper quotation.

Please PM me if you are interested in taking on this project!
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