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Good day EEVblog geniuses!

Thanks for clicking!  We are Aerial Agriculture, bringing you yesterdays technology tomorrow!  Just kidding.  We are looking for someone experienced in board layout and embedded systems to integrate our technology into a single board solution.  You will be working with a team of optics experts, devops experts, and UAV designers.  We need your help in integrating GNSS module, CCD modules,  WiFi, and a few other peripherals into an integrated solution.  If you feel you have what it takes and want to lead the industry in tomorrows cutting edge UAV technology

contact us at:

You might have more luck posting this in the Jobs forum, or looking for people offering services in the Work Wanted forum.

i would appreciate if you could give company name and company email address

Looking to outsource a project or a long term employee?

We are looking for a long term solution but in the short run we have a specific task that needs to be executed.  We have an opening for an embedded systems engineer.  We will be able to work closely with you on design and part selection.  Our team has experience in FPGA,  ARM, and I have designed a 24-bit ADC and had printed using OSHPark.  We have most design decisions made for the product but are very open to your experience with respect to both fabrication and implementation.


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