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Altium Designer - Electrical Engineer

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The candidate in this position will create electrical design schematics for power electronics, including components such as transformers, power switching devices, rectifiers and poser filters.  The candidate will also aid in the procurement of components from a technical standpoint.  Will also provide input for thermal analysis for design optimization.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.
Familiarity with the design of power electronics (specifically AC-DC and DC-DC switching converters) for Military, Aerospace, or Automotive applications.
Experience with Brushless motor drivers for AC and DC motors.
Knowledge of suppliers base for Military and High-Reliability power electronics components.
Knowledge of printed circuit board design and layout considerations for high power density applications.
Knowledge of EMI design considerations.
Knowledge of electronics packaging design for high reliability/harsh environment applications.
Experience with power electronics design for military power converters in the 2kw to 20kw output range. Knowledge of gas turbine engines and experience generating detail drawings are required.
Must be proficient using Altium Design software, P-Spice, and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

US Citizenship is required.   

Submit resume & salary requirements to


--- Quote from: rfraser on March 01, 2014, 09:29:34 pm ---US Citizenship is required.   

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Mind editing the topic headline to include this :)


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