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FT, USA: Analog sensor/board level design (for space)
« on: February 06, 2023, 05:13:46 am »
TL;DR: We build complex space instruments to explore other worlds, we need great analog designers.

I don't make final hiring choices and I don't do the compensation or anything like that, but I do interview most analog electronics persons for my group. Therefore this is an informal post in hopes I can answer questions and route some great people to the formal process.

Essentially we design scientific instruments for space exploration. It is custom stuff for specific purposes not mass market consumer stuff. You don't need to be an engineer, you'll need a degree in some related field but it could be Math or Physics or Comp Sci, etc. We will care about what you know more.

We like people who love to be in the lab and figuring out hard measurement problems. People who love playing with circuits and are strong at debugging are best.

If you love tubes there are vacuum electric devices in some of the things we build. Strong understanding of discrete and hybrid designs are helpful. ASICs are made but rarely due to volume need but many of the skills of analog ASIC design are valuable.

The goal is normally to see some physical process and make a good enough front end set of electronics to push things over to the digital world, but perhaps not as soon as commercial designs might as analog can be lower power which matters in deep space.

Most people do the entire design process from concept to delivery (though as a part of a team).

HBT, HEMT, MOSFET, JFET, MESFET, BJT, IGBT. GaN, SiC, Si. The more devices and their reasons to be used in analog design you understand the better. OPAMPs, regulators, SMPS, and more of course are involved as well. Lots of detectors and transducer types.

Person could be any level from fresh out (typically evaluated based on your potential), or mid-career or senior (work history/what you have done).

Because of ITAR stuff people have to be a US national I believe. You can PM me with questions, I can unofficially point you at an job listing or two depending on your skill set. Location is mid-East coast US more details in PM as needed.
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