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Analogue IC and system designer wanted in Melbourne, Australia


A friend of mine just shared this:

The company is creating IOT silicon solutions for next gen smart devices.
 At this stage we’re designing using existing ICs and this is preferred as opposed to designing the analog ICs.
As such, the Engineer will play a major role in the development of a PLC (Powerline Communications) line driver IC – acquiring new skills along the way.
We need a hardware systems engineer to work on developing a specification and drive the development of the line driver intended for PLC standards including PRIME, G3 and IEEE 1901.2.
The position will be fairly dynamic with a good mix of system / hardware design (analog).
Based on this, the engineer will gain exposure to line driver circuitry and techniques for overcurrent and short-circuit protection as well as design of impedance matching circuits.
To get this gig, the Engineer will need to have good analogue circuit design skills.
It’s a fab opportunity, I just need to somehow go down the chain of someone who knows someone, who knows someone who puts up their hand!

°   Mixed signal circuit design
°   Digital and analogue circuit design, simulation and testing
°   Multilayer PCB design for both analog and high speed digital circuits
°   Use logic analyzers and oscilloscopes
°   Understand driver circuitry
°   Apply techniques for over-current and short-circuit protection
°   Design impedance matching circuits
°   Analog IC design experience

Qualified candidates please contact John Night:
T  +61 3 9670 9056
M +61 402 234 813

p.s. I do not have any details about this job, so please do NOT contact me :-)


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