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Analogue IC design engineer role?

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Is it correct that general analog hardware electronics engineers, who can design analog circuitry and SMPS,  cant go for Analogue IC design engineer roles?

Anyone can go for any role.

All roles have a number of filters on the way. The first is the person applying.

As someone with no experience in the analogue IC design field, I'd expect the filters to be harsher if the analog hardware engineer who can't decide how to spell analogue is applying for a more senior role.

Uh. The question is, do you know anything about IC design?

I was at a big lighting co and their  engineers were designing the circuit to go on a chip....they were making their own LED driver they were doing the circuit bit, and the IC engineers would later implement it on a chip.
So i guess theres both roles in an Analogue IC design company?

I cannot see how anyone can implement a circuit on an IC, without having worked for years as a hardware engineer first, designing circuits....i mean, how would someone who always worked  in an IC fab plant, ever get the circuit design experience needed?

I would have thought Analogue IC design co's would want to steel hardware design engineers from industry all the time?....and then train them up in the ways of implementing the circuits on an, training them up on Allegro or whatever?

If you are interested, then why don't you just apply? If you get filtered out then you get filtered out - just be completely honest on your CV / application. I don't think anyone here can tell you whether to apply or not, it depends how desperate they are.


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