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ASIC/FPGA R&D positons in Paris (Many open positions)


"NanoXplore is a pioneer in design and development of SoC FPGAs located in Paris and Montpellier. As a
rapidly growing company, NanoXplore is looking to continue building its software and hardware teams.
We are currently hiring a FPGA validation engineer who will join our hardware R&D team located in Paris.
This person will contribute to the validation of NanoXplore’s FPGA products."

French is not required but preferred. English is required if you don't speak French.
Visa sponsorship is available (Talent Visa, look into it)

Please email me directly to avoid the HR route:
No need to go overly formal in your email. Just add a proper CV and then write about yourself and motivations. I won't grill you about English spelling or whatever.
Just be as honest as possible, if you know nothing about IC/VLSI, that is fine. Just let me know what you know.

I'm just an engineer within the company and not a manager. I am open to any questions and will pass the resume to the right person or give you honest feedback on your resume before
I send it along. Many semiconductor companies are looking for engineers right now so this is a great time for people looking to get into the industry.
I receive some money if the person I recommend is hired but I also won't attach myself to a name if I don't genuinely think the person is an asset.
NX is a small company and we work very closely with each other, team players that are flexible and curious to learn new things do really well here.
I really enjoy my work because I learn new things constantly and there is not limits on what I get to do. I have worked at large companies (like Philips) where they put you in a box, that doesn't happen at NX.

If you are curious about IC/VLSI work; take a look at these lectures.

Here is a list of all the open positions:

Digital Design Engineer   Hardware - Digital Design - RTL
IC AMS Tech Lead   Hardware - Analog & Mixed Signal Design
IC Design Layout Engineer   Hardware - Analog & Mixed Signal Design
IC Digital Backend Engineer   Hardware - Digital Design - Backend
Test and Validation Engineer   Hardware - Manufacturing & Validation
SoC Verification Lead Engineer   Hardware - Digital Design - RTL
Embedded Software Engineer   Software - Firmware & Bitstream
Software Engineer - Algo   Software - Place & Route
Software Engineer - STA   Software - Place & Route
Software Engineer - Synthesis   Software - Synthesis
QA & Release Manager   Software - QA & Release
Software Manager   Software
Field Application Engineer - FPGA   FAE
Technical Writer   FAE
Field Application Engineer - Emb Soft   FAE
Project Manager   Public Affairs

-Dave  :-+


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