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Austin, TX, USA - Embedded C/Rust on Linux software developer role, full-time


I wanted a rude username:
Chip company, decent size, good engineering culture with no jerks. The role is on a small team writing software targeting Linux on ARM, enabling customers to do cool stuff with said chips. C and Rust, plus Python for test frameworks.

The work is hard. Not long hours, but algorithmically and technically challenging. There's good mentoring to help with this but it's not some "get ChatGPT to write it" front-end work, it's legitimately a "stretch your abilities" kind of role dealing with the intricacies of realtime systems that are the building blocks of real-world critical infrastructure.

The position would suit a new college grad (mid-2023 graduation acceptable) or junior developer with a few years' experience. Lots of room to grow if you can demonstrate that you're worth it, as the company's culture and remuneration structure inspire loyalty.

Applicants must have the right to work in the USA. This includes most Australians due to the favourable E-3 visa.

PM me if you're up for it or know someone who is.

It's a very interesting position but sadly I can't physically move permanently into the US for the foreseeable future.


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