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Can one post little one off software jobs here?


I've been using, for some client JS, and win32 apps (both GUI and cms line) in M$ C++, but while there are some good people they are hard to find, and there is a vast % of basically dross there.

Can one post little jobs here?

The rates are perhaps not Western rates. I am thinking of $100-200.

I asked about this in the main forum somewhere here but didn't get a clear answer.

I believe this is the perfect place for such a thing.

When posting, if the country/location matters, please start the subject with that (ie. CAN, US, UK, AUS, DE, etc).

Good luck!


--- Quote from: peter-h on March 23, 2023, 02:48:01 pm ---Can one post little jobs here?

--- End quote ---

Read the pinned post, of course.

I did read that but it doesn't address the question.

But possibly it means that one cannot post such projects here. Only jobs.

if u are not HR u should post here - that tolds that link above


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