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Hey there EEVBlog folks!
We are Tranzheat, a New Zealand based company and we're developing a new ventilation system, but we've hit a bit of a snag and require someone to do some circuit design and board layout work. One of our employees is a bit of a fan of EEVBlog and said we may have some luck trying to find some help here. This is a one off task but will more than likely result in future work with us. What we require isn't a very difficult task, but needs to be completed relatively quickly. Here's a basic overview of what you'll be up against:
An existing wall type controller with 3 modes, heating, cooling, ventilation, with 3 fan speeds that will control the unit.
3 internal temperature thermistors which need to control various parts of the unit at certain temperatures and in certain modes and one requires a timed delay on it.
Integrate the developed circuity onto an existing PCB design.
I hope that wasn't too vague but if it was feel free to drop questions or e-mail us for more info or if you are interested in taking on this task.

You haven't specified what you are willing to pay, presumably you would prefer a NZ based resident to trouble shoot etc, I don't have any affiliation with the site, but if you get really stuck you could try, it seems to be good for getting stuff done cheaply.

PM me with your requirements please. I am good with PIC (and no problems with other MCUs)...


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