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Mark Chips:
I am looking for someone to help me build a project that records, processes and transmits sound. Here is what I'm looking for:

1) Sensing Phase: Microphone pickup of random ambient sounds. System records 10 to 60 seconds +/-.
2) Processing Phase: Recording is processed by a random selection of 4 to 6 different functions (i.e. inversion, extension, condensing, frequency shift, mixing &c)
3) Emission Phase: Processed sound is then sent out through a speaker/transducer (input speaker must turn off during emission to avoid feedback), then returns to Sensing Phase.

This is the Mark One.

Mark Two will have additional needs such as Blue tooth enabled, solar power &c.

Mark Three and Four will have even more requirements.

Those interested in helping me with this, please reply and let me know your rates, and estimates. Thank you. --Mark Chips

Hi Mark Chips,

I am a Hardware Engineer (early career). I am interested in this project and am happy to assist. 

I have sent a pm

Mark Chips:
Do you have any ideas as how to proceed with what I need?

For anyone to have an idea on how to proceed, you will need to specify a lot more detail about the requirements.

What are you trying to do? What is the outcome?
Is the application outdoors? (Later addition of solar would suggest it is.)
What are the temperature requirements? (particularly if it is outdoor.)
How loud are these ‘random sounds’ that are being recorded?
Is the modified playback at a different level?
What is the frequency range of the ‘random sounds’. (Can we play back through a piezo tweeter or do we need an 18” bass driver.)

Just a few questions… There are many more…

My advise would be not to cut a project in stages with different requirements. If you cut a project in stages, the project will need to be re-designed for every stage and software will probably need to be rewritten as well because the architecture no longer fits. Start with the full specification and make sure the hardware and software architecture can meet the full specification. From there you can start with basic software functionality and build up from there.

Never ever spoon feed a system designer with requirements unless you want the project to fail miserably. I've seen quite a few of those.


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