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Pineapple Dan:
I applied for an EE job with British Antarctic survey a few times, never got it though. Maybe next year I'll have another go

I really like this part of the forum. It is always interesting to be here and read the thoughts of colleagues. In turn, I want to express my opinion. Antarctica? Brrrrr, no, this is not for me. I hate the cold, but I need to work somewhere, and so for me, the ideal option was a vacancy! remote qa tester jobs. Sitting in the apartment under my grandmother's wool blanket with a cup of good coffee, working on Internet access, isn't that a blessing? :) Those who work on Antarctica itself are heroes. This is not a job for everyone, and, as I wrote above, I am an example of this. The only thing you can regret is the contact with the penguins, but I will look at them in the zoo :).

Knapik: don't feel bad, on job mill you need persistence. That and thick skin. And a sense of humour,...always with a sense of humor.
(Yes I know I switched spellings, lol).

   I've described background, before, as "Worked at major San Francisco Dispensary " (medical POT).
(Didn't get job offer.)
   "Organization BUSTED ! by US DEA agency, during Early Sunday morning action..."
(Still no JOB offers. Maybe a different cover letter / bow tie...hmmm.)


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