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EEs needed in Houston (Tier 1 energy service company)


1. Control systems/firmware engineer. Need someone who knows and understand control systems, and can write firmware for them. Must have some knowledge of power electronics, and mechatronics is a plus. Experience with DSP platforms and Matlab/Simulink would be expected at this level. Would expect someone with an MS or PhD (but not a must ...).

2. Bad-ass hardware engineer. This is a senior engineering position. You will need solid fundamentals, and experience with prior designs. Switching power supply design, mixed signal PCB/schematic design, system-level integration of electronics, power budgeting, active/passive analog filter design (<10MHz, usually in the 10-100s kHz range).

The magic smoke is alive and well where I work. We design electronics for space/power/access constrained applications. Our designs are categorized as critical reliability, similar to space or defense applications. We also typically operate in extreme environments, with many of our components being used outside of datasheet specifications - because no components on the planet exist to meet our needs. Now, if that's not your idea of fun, and is not evident from conversation with you - don't bother sending a resume :).

Shoot your resumes to ASAP.


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