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Egypt - Looking for Senior firmware Engineer!


I work with Xtrava and they're hiring a Senior firmware Engineer in Egypt office.

Start Date: ASAP

Who we are?
We are Silicon Valley based startup , developing unique non-invasive Bio-sensors.
We are looking for a super talented Senior firmware engineer for our office in Maadi Egypt.

Who we're looking for?
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* Proficiency in C/C++ for Embedded systems.
* Strong understating of system engineering building blocks such power management, I2C,SPI interface, ... etc.
* basic knowledge in FreeRTOS and BLE 4.2.
* Good with python language and Linux OS.
* Loves low-level debugging/development.
* Usually places x flags in one variable instead of x memory locations.

Nice to have:
* Nordic NRF51/52 series SoC experience.
* Basic knowledge about IoT and ARM Cortex-M3.
* A solid background with Electronics such as: reading datasheets, schematics and PCBs.
* Know how to use GIT effictefly.

We offer very competitive compensation that commensurate with experience as well as friendly and technically challenging work environment....

If interested please contact us at 636f6d70616e79407874726176612e636f


Haha. Love the obfuscation!
Would make me consider applying if I were in Egypt.



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--- Quote from: NorthGuy on November 18, 2018, 05:32:32 pm ---U29ycnksIEknbGwgbmV2ZXIgYmUgZ29vZCB3aXRoIFB5dGhvbiBsYW5ndWFnZSA6KQ==

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