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Lasso Loop Recycling is a start-up company near San Francisco, California, with only one objective: keep recyclable materials out of landfills and oceans by applying smart sensing and AI to closed loop recycling. Lasso is looking to expand their young engineering team with additional expertise. If you are passionate about sustainable technology and looking for a new challenge, we invite you to apply as

* Electronics Project Manager
* Embedded Software Developer on SBCs (Python) and microcontrollers (C/C++)
* Machine Vision Expert implementing object detection and identification
* AI and Machine Learning Expert for sensor fusion
* Electronics Engineer for analog and mixed signal circuit design, sensors, and PCB layout
* Back-end Software Developer with expertise in client-server communication, security, and/or database management
If you have interest or any questions, please contact us or send your resume or CV to kw [at] lassoloop [dot] com.

How are you planning to compete with Amp Robotics. jk


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