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Electronics, DSP, mechanical and optical engineer roles (London, UK)

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We are looking for engineers to join our team in developing portable brain imaging to diagnose brain injuries at point of care. We have several roles for electronics engineers (both digital and analogue) and mechanical/optical engineers. Details for all roles are here.

Brain injuries are the second largest cause of death globally. Cortirio aim to save lives by developing low-cost, wearable brain imaging to diagnose brain injuries at the bedside or the roadside.

We’re developing cutting edge infrared imaging that uses a high density emitter-sensor array in a challenging signal to noise environment.

You’ll be joining a tight-knit team with a good mix of autonomous and collaborative work. We recently won funding from the National Institute of Health Research and we’re growing rapidly.

Andy Watson:
"Details for all roles here" ...  at least they might be if you'd embeded the link without the quotation marks ;)

Whoops! That serves me right for not checking when swapping back to bb code rather than markdown!

Hey, guys:
   Please don't force me to sign up a GOOGLE ACCOUNT !!!
   (I use another semi-monopoly for email)
Oh well... See ya'll later

The forms for technical experience shouldn't require a Google account? Though it is their suite we're using for in-house (non-tech) documents


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