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Electronics Technician Coonabarabran NSW.


Electronics Technician position ANU at Siding Spring Observatory located near Coonabarabran NSW.

The official ANU page.

We're looking for more electronics technicians. If you have good fault finding skills especially with equipment and systems you haven't seen before then this might interest you.

Some of the key points.
Have the ability to develop, diagnose maintain and repair a broad range of electronic equipment at the component level within a scientific environment.

You will see a lot of things you have never seen or heard of before.
Robotics, Mechatronics, Motors, PLCs, Motion Control, Optics, Fibres, Cryogenics, Weather Systems.
Being able to learn on the fly is an advantage.

The most important thing I can say, as with any application is to address the selection criteria.
Address each of them in your cover letter. This is the first thing any employer looks at and is often a determining factor in who is selected for interviews.

This is some examples of the kind of things you would be working on.


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