Author Topic: Looking for design engineer: 300-400vDC linear regulated power supply, 200ma.  (Read 1568 times)

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I am looking for an experienced engineer to design a simple linear power supply circuit.

Details are:

This power supply is for the B+ of a tube circuit. It should be adjustable between 300 - 400 vDC, up to a maximum of 200ma.

I would need the transformer secondary winding specs, into a bridge rectifier, followed by a MOSFET or darlington pair into a regulation device such as LM3080. Must be diode protected for accidental shorts. Should be low source impedance and noise must be kept to a minimum. Heatsink requirements is also needed. PCB layout will be done by me.

Please PM me to discuss the project and to send me a quote.

Please have references/resume.

Refer to application notes below for similar circuit ideas.


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Current limiting?


Operating temperature range?  Environmental conditions (indoors / low dust, industrial, outdoors, salt spray..)?

Stability (%/month, ppm/month..)?

Lifetime?  (5khr+?)

Target price, in what production qty/yr?

Target NRE/design cost?  Design schedule?

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Send you en PM, are you still looking for people?
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