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Electronics Test & Repair Technician; Wales, UK.


Davlec Ltd:
Job Summary

Davlec Ltd is looking to recruit a Test & Repair Technician at its Welshpool headquarters. This role will cover test & fault finding on a wide range of products on our production line as well as repair services for our agricultural product range. As part of this role there will also be opportunities to work with products from our sister company Leema Acoustics, a manufacturer of high-end HiFi equipment.Successful applicants will have the ability to fault-find electronics circuits to component level and be familiar with using electronic test & measuring equipment. A HNC qualification in Electrical & Electronic Engineering or higher is preferable but not required and in-job training is available to suitable applicants.

Further details can be obtained from Steve Ellis on 01938 555791

Job Type: Full-time

Can you please send me details by PM?

Davlec Ltd:
PM Sent. If anyone else would like further details, it is best to contact the Steve directly & have a chat.
I can answer more general questions about Davlec/Mid-Wales.

i'm enterested this job

Davlec Ltd:
Hello again, bumping this post back up as this section now requires extra personell. We are looking for someone who could work in the original described role but we are also looking for someone with other skills who can take the load off other staff. These include, circuit design, software develpment, PCB layout, inspection, prototype assembly & assisting with the SMT line.

If you are an adaptable person who has skills or interests applicable to any combination of these areas please get in touch. Any relevant experience or qualifications considered.

You can get in touch on 01938 555791 or email jobs AT


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