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Title: Full Time-(US citizen /green card only) McGregor, TX Dust, PCBs, and Rockets
Post by: qwaarjet on January 09, 2021, 03:05:43 am
My team is having a hard time finding the right candidate; too many people wanting to do neural networks and not enough people that can make a light blink. If you know the difference between a H bridge and Shunt regulator and like the idea writing code on Monday and using a sludge hammer on rocket engine Friday and arguing what reality is with rocket scientists every day this might be the right job for you.
This is jack of all trades master of none sort of job. Wanting an individual with above average analog electronic knowledge, basic PCB design and the ability to troubleshoot those types of systems. Basic competence in programing, networking, power systems, and industrial automation all big a plus.

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