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Hardware Engineers in Sydney - Arista Networks!


Job Description
We’re looking for talented, passionate hardware engineers to join our world-class team in Sydney to move things forward and have a global impact. You’ll learn, collaborate, and innovate to deliver the next generation of network communication technologies.

Candidates for this position would be responsible for the entire hardware design process:

* Authoring Functional Specifications
* Circuit Design & Schematic Capture
* Design, Simulation & Verification of Signal Integrity and Power Integrity challenges
* Working closely with PCB Layout
* Prototype Bring-Up & Debugging
* Working closely with Contract Manufacturers to bring prototypes through to high yield test and manufacturing production


* Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) or related degree
* Board-level high-speed digital design experience (e.g. SERDES, DDR4)
* Experience in SI simulation tools - ADS, Hyperlynx, SIWave
* FPGA Design using VHDL or Verilog
* Proficiency in Python
* Experience in taking a product from concept to production
A teardown of a hardware design of a typical Arista network switch -

Please forward applications to, with EEVBLOG in the email title!


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