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Hiring contractor for electronics design work


Hello all,

I need design help for a niche consumer electronics project. I do some of the design myself, but while my background is engineering it's not electrical engineering, so to get some of the more nuanced stuff dialed in properly I want to hire a specialist. This can be performed remotely.

The ideal candidate has the following knowledge/experience:

- Analog and digital circuits
- Embedded systems
- ESP32

The initial project scope will be modest (probably ~10 hr or so), designing the circuit for one portion of the device, specifically a low-current voltage supply of ~38-43 V which is controllable by a 3.3V PWM input. There are a lot of other tasks that I can offer as well if it seems like a good fit for the role between us.

Feel free to e-mail me with your linkedin or CV or portfolio or whatever, and your hourly rate and general availability in terms of hours/week for the next few months, and then I can get back to you (or one/some of you) to discuss further details.

Thanks for any interest!

by the way, I am located in Colorado but interest from anywhere is welcome.


I've sent you a private message.

Hi bg136

It is quite late .i came to the site quite recently but the description you have mentioned is quite interesting ,so bit like a cold call, i have attached my CV .
i use KiCAD along with other CAD packages.

Possibly we can exchange some emails related to projects we can do ? possibly a call teams or such like?
can take up projects immediately.
normally i charge 25 USD /hour but we can decide upon understanding the projects/tasks.
I can do standalone PCB design ,layout tasks

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Best Regards


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