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How do you get an electronics job when you're "not popular"?

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I recently finished an SMPS design and build project,  so when   that finished I put my CV on the web……the market seemed very very buoyant.
Loads of  companies with SMPS projects and  various Electronics projects were contacting me for interview availability. Then I interviewed at a place who said they wanted multiple SMPS’s designed.
It seemed great, and £55k salary.
At the interview, the boss told me (with a steely grin)…”if you take the job, then you should never leave”.

Anyway, they gave me the job and I started. For the first two days  they had me sat in the office, and told me just to read my company employment manual. Then after two days, they gave me a computer, which had limited access to their projects. (I found some “test” schems, but no specs, and no BOMs, and the “test” schems had no component values or part numbers with them).
Anyway, there was still no talk of work that they needed me to do…just vague murmurings of vague jobs which might need doing at some point. I tried to get the spec off them for a current source which they had which needed production pot tweaking, but they woudln’t give me the spec for it. I also  asked for a schem of an SMPS which they were currently doing EMC testing on, but the manager , grinning, shook his head, and said “you don’t want to see a schem”.

Anyway, after 7 working days of being sat in that office, and not being tasked with any work, I decided, that this was a job that involved just sitting around “just-in-case” any work might turn up. It seemed odd that they had said I should “never leave”, since would they want to pay me forever to do nothing?
Anyway….even though I started mid October, they had actually said they woudlnt pay me till end of November, but would backdate the pay to mid-october. I strongly doubted that they would pay me at all..specially since I wasn’t doing anything.

So after work on the 7th  (non) working day, in the evening, I wrote them an email saying I woudlnt be coming back in, and asked them not to bother paying me, and apologised for any inconvenience.
I decided instead to put my CV back on the web, and see if I could get into one of the great many opportunites that  had been  around before I took the “do-nothing” job.
Anyway, this was a few days ago…and not only have all the opportunites that were previously around dryed up, but even worse, is that the “do-nothing” company are still trying to recruit for their role, and are telling employment agencies not to send my CV, since I “ just  cleared off”.
This is meaning that these employment agencies are not keen to consider my CV for other electronics jobs…also, when I go for a job, they find out, and tell the employer not to employ me because I “just cleared off”, from the previous place.

Also, to make things worse, my previous job was at a start-up, and I wasn’t payed, so was out of the tax system for 6 months…and companies seem to find out about this , and it really puts them off me.

How do you get round this?

Is this as a permanent employee/job, or as a temporary or long term contractor?

It was a perm job  on a "should never leave" basis.

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--- Quote from: Faringdon on October 28, 2022, 02:29:58 pm ---It was a perm job  on a "should never leave" basis.

--- End quote ---

Firstly, you should always (with extremely few exceptions), stay in the original permanent job, until you have sorted out a definite job offer, in writing, with a new company.  With rare exceptions, such as when you are retiring, etc.

Secondly, leaving a permanent job, after a couple of weeks (approximately, from what you seem to have stated), is VERY bad form.  You should almost NEVER do that!

If you absolutely can't stand it, and can't face it.  This should be discussed with your immediate manager, or similar.  Then something can be sorted out.


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