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HW Dev needed for CM4 design



we have a project for a handheld based on a CM4. The handheld uses a lot of interfaces from the CM4 to connect to modular components.

We're using:
-DSI for the display
-A Li* Battery Pack
-USB C with PD for charging

We have a prototype that kinda works for most features, but there are a few things that need to be tested and sorted out. The current developer working on this project can not continue to work on it due to family issues that need time to resolve. The board is designed in Altium.

I'm looking for somebody who is located in Europe who can help us getting this project finalized, the tasks would be:
-Test the current prototypes
-Optimize the design for EMC and production
-Support us in getting all EMC testing done with a test house (we have some that we can work with)
-Setup production test gear
-Start a first batch production

We have a strong firmware / Linux developer team working on the software side, so this is a hardware focussed position. I'm looking for a freelancer or someone who is looking for a full time position in Hamburg, Germany. I think that all of the work could be done remotely if you have a lab with the basic stuff.

Let me know what you think!



We could help. we are Raspberry Pi Design partners and very familiar with the CM4.


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