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JOB AD: Sydney - Firmware Freelancer Needed


Artarmon-based lighting company needs firmware freelancer with strong C, C++ skills.
Knowledge of lighting protocols, PIC processors and Zigbee will be highly regarded.
Mostly work from home, with occasional face-face meetings and site visits.
Get into some innovative and exciting projects while earning crap wages.
Send your CV to admin AT

Mike Warren:

--- Quote from: EEVblog on December 11, 2014, 01:19:55 am ---Get into some innovative and exciting projects while earning crap wages.

--- End quote ---

I already have that.

Crap wages, and you will have to supply your own tools, software and hardware along with licensing, make prototypes at your own cost and will only be paid for the working final prototype component costs. Plus you will be called to meetings pretty much at random, and will have to do all the site work and installation for them. Travel costs not covered unless you put it in the exactly right format for the minute submitted, and this changes at random.

All it needs is good basic project management techniques to avoid anyone getting burned.
A specification and requirements doc.
An offer from the contractor, and an agreed dev plan as mentioned previously


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