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Mr J:
Job opportunity for Electrical / Electronic Engineers, looking for people with EE backgrounds for two openings I have in our RMA/Engineering division. Would you have some time to talk about Savant and this opportunity.  Feel free to call anytime from 8am-5pm and after 5pm-my mobile until 10PM.  These are immediate roles�if not interested, perhaps you know of someone else???  Best Regards, Tom

Thomas J Flynn
Talent Acquisition Specialist

45 Perseverance Way
Hyannis, MA 02601
D: 508-683-2462
M: 617-771-2323
Fax: 508-683-2610

I love American street names.

Who wouldn't want an EE job in Perseverance way?!  After all it's what you do when it doesn't work, persevere!

Sorry, don't mean to hijack your post :)


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