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Jobs at ASIC/FPGA company in Paris!


The company where I work are looking for people for SoC dev, Backend IC, Digital Design.
These aren't listed on the site yet so get in early.

Happy to answer any questions.

Thank you for sharing your it with the community.

I have an slightly irrelevant and off-topic question: It looks like you are using various Linux-based distribution:

Is that so? Glad to see companies including Linux in the list of supported platforms.


--- Quote ---The supported distributions are RedHat Enterprise 6 & 7, Ubuntu LTS 14.04, 16.04 & 18.04 and Debian 9.
--- End quote ---

First class citizen even!

I am also curious about this:

--- Quote ---NanoXplore has developed Radiation-Hardened By Design SRAM-based FPGA devices for use into systems operating in harsh environments, such as Spaceborne and Airbone applications, as well as Military and High-Energy Physics subsystems.

--- End quote ---

Rather interesting! Is there per chance any place where to get one of these devices?
I can think of at least someone willing to try (and fail?) a Yosys port.

Did you implement your own toolchain?


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