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Linux appliance developer HW & SW (AU)


I have the working POC for a network appliance to sit alongside a small-business router or in many other network applications.
Due to parts at hand, it was built up on an Arduino MEGA1280 and Ethernet shield, written in a mash of C and Arduino libraries.
For commercialisation, I believe it should be moved to Linux, supporting multiple threads for concurrent network traffic.  The goal is a desktop appliance of similar performance to a consumer  router.
The bandwidth requirement is minimal, but 16 or more simultaneous sockets are needed for typical applications - supporting IGMP, ntp, http/s, telnet / ssh sessions.
Management is via http/s or command line session, and operating logs are saved to SD card.

I'm willing to disclose the IP under signed NDA and to share the rewards if it realises its potential.  I genuinely believe this project has every opportunity of being licensed to gateway/router manufacturers.

It has relevance in supporting the growing IP security, and VoIP as well as pretty much all IP based markets.  The fundamental technology is very simple, but applied to meet a growing need.

PM me, and I'll respond to gauge your suitability, and discuss how to move forward if appropriate.
Location Melbourne AU
Only genuine, competent replies please - from experienced embedded Linux HW & SW devs.

--- nudge

You stated Location: Melbourne.  So, is it for Melbourne locals only? I presume so, but wanted to ask for a direct answer.


Melbourne area would be ideal, so we can share hands-on time, but I'm open to relevant ideas from elsewhere... we can chat or exchange paper when really necessary.
For legal/IP matters (assuming it succeeds!) Australia is important.


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