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Longford, Derbyshire, England - PCB Assembly line operators - contract/zerohours


PCBA.UK is a small startup PCB Assembly service based in Longford, Derbyshire.
While only having been set up 6 months ago, PCBA.UK has seen a steady increase in demand for affordable yet reliable PCBA services for the UK market and has attracted multiple companies to use PCBA.UK's services on an ongoing basis for the PCB assemblies.
With our expansion into a larger facility in April, we are looking for help with some of our assembly work.

Before I list off what we are after. All postings here are contract or zero-hours. We hope to employ people part/full-time soon.
We are currently putting feelers out to see who is available and hope to have more solid information soon. Pay is TBD!
So please get in touch if you are interested in any of the positions we have listed. I would like to talk to you.
Do note that this post is a casual offer for interested parties to get in contact with me via this forum and is not a formal job posting, yet.
Do not contact me offering other services than the ones listed here.

PCB hand assembly for small one-off batches
We are looking for one or more individuals who can hand assemble 1-10 (average) PCBs in a timely manner and with accuracy at our facility in Longford.
You will need to correctly identify components from the BOM and place them where the pick-and-place file or assembly guide shows.
Components range in size from 0402 (imperial) and up so a steady hand is required and being careful of part orientation is required.
Knowledge of general electrical components is required such as knowing what component type is, what package, what the markings are on the package etc.
Hand-assembled boards can be both SMT and THT so will require the use of our online reflow oven or drawer oven for SMT and either hand-soldered or solder-dipped for THT.
Boards can also be single or double-sided.

You will have access to multiple bits of high-end equipment including but not limited to; soldering irons, hot air stations, stereo inspection microscope, solder dipping pots etc.
A visual check of each board is required and rework any misaligned or missing/incorrect components after they have been reflowed/soldered.
You may need to test boards using software and hardware such as a programmer, multimeter, load tester etc

PCB assembly online manual component placer
We are looking for one or more individuals who can hand-place SMT and THT on a PCBA assembly line.
You will need to correctly identify one or more components in pick trays and place them on a circuit board before it is reflowed or wave soldered as per the placement guide. 
Components range in size but are typically larger than 4x4mm.
This is mostly THT work and will require placing 1 to 10 unique components (typically) onto a panel of one or more circuit boards.
Attention to component values and orientation is required.
Knowledge of general electrical components is not required but is useful to help identity what needs special attention in terms of orientation and handling.

General assembly line operator
We are looking for one or more individuals who can operate an SMT and/or THT assembly line from start to finish.
You will need to be able to unpack PCB panels, use a manual or semi-automated stencil printer, feeder PCBs into the SMT machine, place SMT parts by hand if required, stack reflowed PCBs into ESD trays while keeping an eye on component placement accuracy and any other issues.
You will also need to keep SMT feeders in check, restocking empty feeders using SMT splicing equipment or replacing empty feeders by re-feeding reels into feeders, fixing feeders with issues such as tape breaks or stuck tape etc.
THT line will require feeding of PCBs onto the THT line, placing one or more THT components and placing them into a selective solder machine, and finally stacking in ESD trays.
Basic training will be provided for SMT and THT machines.
Knowledge of an SMT/THT is required but experience is not. Training will be provided anyway so you can operate our equipment.

General notes about PCBA.UK
Our facility is located about 2 miles away from the nearest public transport stop. We can arrange to pick you up and drop you off at this point or closer to or at home if you do not have your own transport.
Our production line is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, the shared toilets are about 100 meters away from our facility and there is a single step to get to them. New ones are planned to be built at some time that is closer to our unit.
Even if you do not have a lot of experience on a PCB production line, if you are keen to learn and show initiative, I am more than happy to work with you and teach you what you need/want to know.
Would love to provide workplaces to college/university students who are studying EE and would like to get some real assembly experience while getting some money for the binge session the weekend paid.
I can only employ people who have the right to work in England.

Again, this is not a formal job posting. Just an expression of interest for help related to certain roles that may be available in the future.


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