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looking for an Electrical Design Engineer


EFFECT Photonics, a developer of optical transceivers for high-speed telecommunication networks based on Photonic Integration technology, is seeking a full-time Electrical Design Engineer to contribute to the team in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and to support the engineering team in Brixham, UK.

We offer a challenging job in a small entrepreneurial company environment. You’ll be part of a very enthusiastic and highly skilled team, and you’ll be able to contribute to a company that is in full development.

Please visit for more information or send your CV to

Hiyas, all,

Our HR department was enthusiastic about my comment "maybe we could put something on the EEVBlog Jobs pages", so they added these posts here.
Of course you guys want people with at least some tech-post-history here "by the rules", so to "link" them to me I'm adding this. My posting rep isn't very high (yet), but hope it helps.

This is my part-time employer, and especially about the EE Design Engineer position I should be able to respond to the majority of questions.


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