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Looking for help translating an Altium schematic and libraries to DipTrace


My company needs to translate an open-source board design available in Altium binary format to DipTrace 4.x.

We have approved access to the design for our use and modification, but we don't have an Altium license or the expertise to open it and translate it into the ASCII format that DipTrace needs; further, we'd like to have someone transfer the whole thing over and get it imported into a set of libraries and the schematics in DipTrace so as to maximize our efficiency in modifying the design as we need to.

It's a single job, but we do have other jobs that pop up like this regularly, so we'd love to find and work with a DipTrace expert who could help with this kind of thing, as well as board designs in the future.  8)

David Smith

Hello David

IS the job still active.

I have Altium Licnese and DipTrace free version.
since it looks to be just library transaltion both would be enough

Possibly we can have a call ?

Looking forward to hearign from you
Best Regards
Alun Calvin


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