Author Topic: Looking for help with project (northern Ohio) or distant. Video signal intercept  (Read 1438 times)

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I have a piece of equipment that contains a small 3.5" color LCD screen, there are no model numbers etc I could find on the screen to help locate a data sheet. The screen is connected via a 40 pin flex cable to a controller board which also handles a 16 button control interface.

I am trying to find out if there is a way to "grab" the video signal at some point and translate it into a VGA or RCA or some other common video I/O signal so it could then be sent to a larger screen for easier viewing.

I do not want to go to deep into detail here as there is a small niche market for this "mod" if it is possible to do.

Would love to find someone in the Northern Ohio (Just south of Toledo) area to colab with on this or if not local I can arrange to have a screen and controller sent to you for testing.

I am willing to pay to have this done, or I would be willing to discuss sharing profit on sales of this "mod", or trading fabrication service or shop access time if you are local.....or some combination of these.

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