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Looking for TH PCB assembler (for lack of better description)


Happy New Year all!

For 2016, I'm looking for help, i.e. someone that could do some soldering work and do a good job of it.
I used to have a guy that used to do this for me, but he moved on.

Basically, I send blank PCB and parts to you (resistors, caps, sockets, switches, through hole parts basically), with a prepaid shipping label to ship everything back to me.
You solder all the parts to the board, when done... put each board inside antistatic bag, re-use the box, and ship the whole thing back to me.
So basically you'll just be doing partial assembly of boards.
It's not a complete assembly, as the rest of the more expensive parts I'll solder in-house, put the chips in, and test.

Due to nature of work, must be US based (or my shipping expenses will be huge).
Must use lead-free solder.

I'll pay by the number of boards assembled, per piece.
(Various sizes, some small with few components, some medium size with lots of resistors and diodes).
Of course, payment per board commensurate to labor involved (# of parts to be soldered).
Payment of your services via Paypal.

Pls. message me with photos of your soldering work. Send closeup photo of your soldering work + your email address.
If I see someone's quality of work I'm interested in, we'll discuss the rest via email.
Thank you and I hope this will be mutually beneficial to both of us!

What part of the country are you in?

I see you've specified TH. Any SMD as well?

I may have to rustle up some pictures of my handiwork... sadly most of it is currently in service (I do a lot of recapping, motherboards among other things).


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