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maintence engineering position opening


The Weyland Yutani corporation has posted a opening on Fiorina 161.

The Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit (reg. 12037154) maintains thousands of Double-Y Chromosome maximum risk prisoners. The Correctional Unit on Fiorina 161 maintains an active lead works. The compound is almost ten square miles in diameter, with a total of approximately 600 active and inactive ventilation ducts.

The day-night cycle on Fiorina is far longer than that on Earth.

This is a all around position, with work in radio transmitters, radar, steam power, HVAC and advanced computer systems. A back ground in metallurgy or electronics is preferred.
Any experience in bug extermination will also be weighed highly.

Fiorina 161 is host to several beautiful beaches, a great incentive to take up this position.

We also have a great HAM community.

Please send your holo-resume to your planets local Weyland Yutani office so an interview may be scheduled.
Remember, there is no better posting near the galactic nucleus to get such broad work experience with a criminal record or lack of a four year degree.


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