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Melbourne - EE needed for gigabit Ethernet project


Hi all,

We need a switch for an imbedded project and after searching hi and low we just can’t find what we need. So we’re looking for an individual or small company in Melbourne who can assist us in developing an unmanaged 5 port gigabit switch.

We are a small company of less than 5 people and we lack the experience and skill set to complete this project. As lead product developer, you would be working with me. I have no formal training in this area, and as a generalist I may need some coaching on the correct terminology and methodology. But for the most part you would need to be a self starter and able to work on your own in your own time.

You will need to have and be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge related to this project. Knowledge of various PoE applications and integration is a bonus.

Deliverables on this project will include schematics all the way through to a working prototype. If you have experience in PCB layout, you can opt to compete this yourself, or we can hand that over to a specialist once the design is verified.

We can offer you a seat in a CAD package for the duration of this project, or you can work with your preferred application if you have access.

Remuneration is negotiable based on experience and tooling. It could be on the books as a casual or invoice if your setup for it.

If this is something you are interested in or you know someone who might be, feel free to reach out via a PM or via email.

Thanks 😊

Lord of nothing:

--- Quote ---in developing an unmanaged 5 port gigabit switch.
--- End quote ---
 :-// We use often there cheap Switch the never failed only there crappy Power Supply.

Likely they need something with a different form factor and PoE. Sounds like a nice project if I wheren't so busy ATM.

Lord of nothing:
I guess there are many chineese Manufacturers who could do that to.


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