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Mobile App developer wanted for a small simple control app.


I am after someone who can make apps for iOS and Android.

We have a product with an ESP32 in it and I need an app to connect to the ESP32 so the end user can control the settings.
All the settings are just registers. Half are on/off while the rest are 0-100 kind of thing.
There is also some data to display in a graph that the product sends back.

Would like to have preset as well for different user scenarios.
OTA updates to the ESP32 software would also be a great feature.

Currently we, only have a single product but we are going to add more to the family so we would like a single app to control them all.
So would need someone who can do long-term work for us.

Not after a super flashy app with fancy graphics and loot boxes. Just a simple app.

If this is something you can help with, please DM me.
Due to the nature of the project, only contact me if you are in Europe, NA or down under.


Hello sir ...
I can program that we need fixed IP from your ESP32 server or we can insert it from mobile application


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