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Need PCB designer for OS/OH BLDC motor controller


Hello, I'm looking for a PCB designer to help with a project I have had going for about 2 years now, I want to create a open hardware pcb for high voltage/current 3 phase BLDC  motor controller. I have lots of the project roughed out (made adapters to use commercial parts ect) But now I'm ready to have a custom pcb made to allow further testing in the field instead of bench testing like I'm limited to now.

Any help is appreciated, and while I don't have tons of money, I'm sure I can compensate the help adequately. I own a small CNC machine shop in Las Vegas, and my shop would be at your disposal if you needed custom metal parts made.

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If it's open source and going for 2 years surely there is a github or similar repo with the schematics and initial pcb design?
This would be interesting for the DIY CNC-mill/lathe and maybe 3D printer crowd also. If you have a credible design and working prototype I'm sure you will find someone willing to work on the PCB.


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