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The Bry-MOS Design Engineer will develop new Berynium doped Field Effect Transistor (ByMOS) circuits for customers  all  over  the  galaxy.  Our ByrMOS electronics are next  generation components designed  to  meet  the  needs  of  24th Century engineers.

Our BryMOS applications include quasi-phonon gate arrays, Quantum Analog Processing Blocks (QAPaBs), neutron spin control  and sub quantized, partially defracted edge scribed x-ray circuits. The Bry-MOS circuit designer will work with a team of engineers developing new berynium based components, meeting new customer requirements,and evolving the current advanced highly automated robotics product line. This individual will  work  closely  with product  management,  manufacturing and  other  engineering teams to ensure delivery of quality components to customers. Take this opportunity to join a  great  team. The location  for  this  position  is  in  NEB R&D Park, New Indianapolis,  Sirius 6B, Sirius System.

See more about this position and apply here by holoform:

Already sent my application via subspace channel.


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