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Ho hum, forums.
When two people disagree one must be wrong.
Lived in Melbourne all my life, you are way way out and talking from a small not typical sample and are not familiar with this place.
The big disaster fires happen once every 10 to 20 years, never in the 'burbs.
Check the real irregularity here.

Ferntree Gully is 40Km out on the fringe and it is now much more developed.
Global warming is less than two degrees in the last century!

Fact -Check this Wikipedia and don't come back, its off topic.
Note the average high (27) and daily means in summer (21), which is Dec Jan Feb.


--- Quote ---When two people disagree one must be wrong.
--- End quote ---

Or one fails to see the intended humour, dependent on not-quite-factual stereotype.

As an aside, it may - no, it really has - surprised you to know that all 7+bn people in the world haven't been taught the minutest details of Melbourne day-to-day weather. Frankly, I'm unsurprised people a couple of miles away from here aren't au fait with the seasons at my gaff. Hell, it catches me out often enough!

Its a very saturated marketplace for software developers, you need to work hard in finding suitable employments initially but once you get it, you have a chance to build your professional career there


--- Quote from: Kerlin on March 20, 2021, 10:12:48 pm ---Melbourne was recently the worlds most livable city for seven years, I think we lost it to Vienna, what else would you want ?

--- End quote ---
Well, I would like not much, affordable housing prices and better job market to start with.  ;)

Ah, I just saw one of your job listings on Seek and was going to apply soon.


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