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OZ/Online Contract - Oddball Required who knows Actum Realizer for ST7 and STM8


John Titior:
Hi There,

Are you a oddball engineer who in the late 1900's and early 2000's learnt to use a flowchart based programming tool called Actum Realizer?
Even more of an oddball in actually deployed projects using it for ST7 and/or STM8 Family of microcontrollers?

If so we have a job for you. :-+

We are kinda in a bind that our current Engineer is leaving and is on borrowed time. Our products use ST7 microcontrollers and they have all been programmed in the Actum Realizer (Silver level specifically).
Because the ST7 is EOL we need to convert about 10 different products over to the STM8S using the Actum Realizer software platform.

The job would involve modifying the code and working with the current engineer on development.

So required experience would be:
• ST7FLITE Programming
• STM8S Programming
• Actum Realizer programming experience
• Access to Actum Realizer (Silver level or above)

Interested? Any other questions or comments or quemments? Hit me up or drop a post.   


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