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I'd like to commission an OSHW PCB layout for Chris Trask's crystal tester:

I want to make a few minor changes such as the use of a MOSFET switch and a GPIB interface based on the AR488 to flip the MOSFET switch.  This will allow me to use my HP 5386A  frequency counter to measure crystals and fill out a spreadsheet with me only numbering and inserting crystals on cue.

Pleased send me a PM if you're interested.


have filled this.

Interesting circuit.
If you dont have any offers i can try to slowly do it (not sure how much free time i will have but ill do it reasonably fast after i understand how it works , in order that i know how to properly chose the FETs

I've completely abandoned this method in favor of an HP 8593A for ease of programming.

It is very interesting and I spent a good deal of time playing with Butler oscillator.


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