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I am interested in leaving my current company, and I wish to pursue a career that involves PCB design.
My question is, should I include PCBs designed by me in my resume? If so, what format would be the most professional?

In the CV I just gave text examples of the projects I worked on. I brought a laptop to the job interview with a presentation of some pictures of the boards I designed, and the machines it went into. I really think it made a difference.
Egyébként írj DM-et ha érdekel külföldi munka.

I am over-hesitant in sharing company IPs than most. I would translate the design into common protocols and terms such as PCI, DDR3,4, etc.
Dissect the work that you did into challenges that you encountered, and highlight how it was mitigated, and what tools were used.

Is it really an IP issue to show them a PCB or photo of a pcb?
I mean anyone could buy their product, take the pcb out and show someone it.
Maybe if it's a product that's not available to the public you could make the argument.

It's not like you're showing source code.
The public already have easy access to the thing in question.


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