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--- Quote from: free_electron on May 20, 2015, 02:21:15 pm ---Why is it that on this forum we always get the people that think they are funny. A job posting is placed and immediately it is swamped with idiots posting 'funny' pictures and whiners wanting to know what it shakes first before even showing what THEY can do.

Sometimes i wonder why i even bother. You people don't deserve a job.
If i find an empty ,damp, cardboard box under a bridge somewhere, i'll post that instead. I can see now, how that would be of more interest.

--- End quote ---

As if you're never flippant when people ask serious questions.

Sheesh. of all people... ;)


--- Quote from: ozwolf on May 20, 2015, 04:38:58 pm ---
Hmmm, if you knew who free_electron is, I don't think you would be having this conversation.

--- End quote ---

I know and that is why I asked the basic question on salary.  It is in one of the most expensive places in the world to live and there have been problems with salary fixing between companies in the area.
Tell someone from india the job pays 50k and they think great. Then they arrive see the cost of living and their dream of a having a nice modest house and bringing their family over are shattered.

Basically, the advert lacks details and other requirements for the job.  Vincent could find a great person with lots of skills. Spend time and money interviewing them etc. But HR will have their own requirements and if the applicant does not meet them they don't get hired.
I have seen this happen multiple times in the past.

If I would be a layouter looking seriously for a job at that locality, the original posting would more than enough for me to shoot a PM to FE, asking for more details.

Job postings here should be locked after the first post.


--- Quote from: free_electron on May 20, 2015, 03:24:40 pm ---
--- Quote from: Asmyldof on May 20, 2015, 03:15:39 pm ---Just "Hey, might be a job here" leaves all that up to our guessing.

--- End quote ---
Frequent forummers know where i work. So you can see that as an additional layer of weeding out the randoms from the serious. It works both ways you know. As a candidate it pays dividends finding out who posts it and where it comes from.
When applying for a position you may want to do your own 'homework' too ...

Let's say it's an established company but operates as a startup. It makes big headlines almost every week, if not daily.
Its products makes heads turn when one zooms by, almost silently, leaving the traditional products behind in an ion trail.
It's named after on of the biggest electric geniuses that ever lived. It's market cap is half that of Ford motors and it's often touted as the next 'fruity' company.

--- End quote ---

Any chance you can add some noise to your lovely products? I almost got run over in a car park the other week when I didn't hear one approach.


--- Quote from: Towger on May 20, 2015, 09:18:20 pm ---I know and that is why I asked the basic question on salary.

--- End quote ---
It is perfectly fine to ask such a question, but you will find , in silicon valley, that salaries are very rarely mentioned. Companies first want to see what you can bring to the table. If they are interested they will make sure they get you. If you bring expertise and or a skill they deem valuable they will make sure the 'package' entices you.

Here is some work we need done , we are willing to pay this. That is good if you are looking for freelancers or subcontractors. We don't need 'polygon pushers' (i know, very bad form and politically incorrect to call em that). That we can subcontract anywhere.

This is different. We look for full time people that bring skills and know-how and believe in the product and the company. If there is a match there , the rest will follow.

First find people with a passion for board design, then check if they click culture wise (need the right level of fanboiism for what we do), then do whatever is required to get them on board. In that order.


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