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Man what an annoying headache MPLAB and Microchip are for providing any tutorials or documentation. I'm aware of Harmony but I can't even start a fresh install and click on a USB example to get it to compile. I also do not see any included applications on the PC side to communicate as a full hands on tutorial from start to finish.

Willing to pay someone that can get me a working USB example communicating with a PC. I want the Windows PC app in a c or cpp file. I have PIC32MX120, PIC32MX220, and PIC32MX250. Any of these working example are fine.


M-Stack is nicer than Microchips code IMHO.
The examples are ready to use, compile and run.
The cdc_acm works and gives you a standard comport on the PC, no drivers required.

I copied the cdc_acm as suggested. m-stack is giving me this. Reading the code I can take a guess but not 100% sure. I'll poke at some params and see if it works.

MAX_LUNS_PER_INTERFACE I assume would just be = 1 if its a slave device? If you have a working one I'd still pay you for it.

You need to download the whole repository and compile without changing the project structure. The apps include files from the usb folder, etc.

Per the m-stack owners own message, you have to modify the code which is all good, I just don't want what params to set just yet. I didn't get go fruther just yet but will at some point.

"To create a new project, perform the following steps:
1. Create a new project with MPLAB X.
2. Copy and add the usb/ directory as a subdirectory of your project.
3. Add the usb/include directory to the include path of your project. (Note
   that the include paths are relative to the Makefile.  If you set up your
   project like the examples, with an MPLAB.X/ subdirectory, you'll need to
   add an additional ../ to the beginning of the include path).
4. Add . to the include path of your project (same note from #3 applies).
5. Copy a usb_config.h and a usb_descriptors.c file from one of the example
   projects into your main project directory.
6. Modify usb_config.h to match your desired device configuration.
7. Modify usb_descriptors.c to match your device configuration.
8. If you're using a PIC16F/18F platform, add an interrupt handler similar
   to one of the examples.
9. Reference main.c in one of the examples, and the Doxygen-generated
   documentation to add your application logic.
10. Make sure to configure the MCU for your board (__CONFIG registers, etc.)."


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