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Positions open at FPGA/ASIC company in Paris (full time and interns)


Anyone interested in working on FPGA/ASIC?

Please drop me your CV (pdf) or just a quick summary at or

Even if you are curious about such topics, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Internship positions are covering RISCV, embedded related work because it is a great place to get introduced to the rest of the world we work in.
I can send those positions upon request.

Here is a list of the open positions:  8)

Digital Design Engineer                   Hardware - Digital Design - RTL
IC AMS Tech Lead                           Hardware - Analog & Mixed Signal Design
Test and Validation Engineer           Hardware - Manufacturing & Validation
SoC Verification Lead Engineer   Hardware - Digital Design - RTL
Embedded Software Engineer   Software - Firmware & Bitstream
Software Engineer - Algo   Software - Place & Route
Software Engineer - STA   Software - Place & Route
Software Engineer - Synthesis   Software - Synthesis
QA & Release Manager   Software - QA & Release
Software Manager   Software
Field Application Engineer - FPGA   FAE
Field Application Engineer - Emb Soft   FAE
R&D Project Manager   
Embedded Software Engineer - Senior   Software - Embedded Software
DFT engineer   Hardware - Digital Design - RTL


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