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I am looking for a certain item and I've found one in Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States - the problem is the seller doesn't want to ship because it takes too much time ( 10 minutes ).

I'm looking for someone that is able to drive to the individuals home, or the pickup location in or around Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States and ship the product to me in Hendersonville NC... Even better if you're passing through and live in NC - I can help cover fuel and extra..

When you have the product I need to know whether or not it has a box, a box will need to be purchased for shipping and the item will need to be packed in a very specific manner ( It is a computer case so roll up bubblewrap like a carpet and put it in the box so the case is held firmly in place with the bubble-pillars pushing into the 4 corners with extra at the top and bottom )...

Your job will be to inspect the case to make sure it's in good condition - I don't care about dust, the seller will likely not have cleaned it or anything.... I'm worried about paint chips, scratches, and dents. Take photos before shipping so if something happens en route it'll be insured for the damage. Pick up the item, possibly package it ( possibly buy a box and bubblewrap - best place is usually a mom / pop shipping store for custom boxes )

I will pay for the shipping label if it is shipped - the weight should be around 40 pounds packed... - using one of my shipping accounts...

Payment will be dependent on how much the auction goes for... and shipping.. I'm guessing shipping is no more than $50, but likely less than that - maybe... I'm willing to spend around $25 to $50 for the service depending on what is done.

The job depends on whether or not I win the auction, etc... It ends in about 5 days...

If you are passing through Illinois on your way to Hendersonville, NC and can deliver it to me I'll happily pay the full $50 which should help with fuel and time - if this happens, obviously a box, bubblewrap, etc.. wouldn't be necessary but the item would need to ride in the vehicle to avoid weather conditions, etc.. $50 for a trip you're taking anyway with a detour or 2.. I'd also be willing to meet in Hendersonville, or the surrounding area...

I am willing to do a similar offer if you are heading to Charleston SC as my brother lives there and can deliver it to me the next time he comes up.

I am also going to be looking for a service ( I know they exist ) for pickup, package, delivery via shipping or other.. services... I am willing to be competitive with the pay - I'd trust someone from this board more than a random service..


If interested, send me a PM and I'll send you my phone number, e-mail, etc...
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