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Product Development Engineer - Sydney, Australia


another friend of my just asked to share this:


Product Development Engineer
°   Responsible for managing the development of products from conception to production. Experience in this product development process is the single most important attribute we are looking for.
°   Role involves extensive product development coordination (software, hardware, testing, production)
°   Strong technical background mandatory (e.g Computer Science, Software/Electrical Engineering)
°   Must have an advanced understanding of SMB/Commercial grade routing features and functionality
°   Must have a thorough understanding of routers and routing features, such as:
°   WAN and WWAN technologies (ADSL2+/SHDSL2+/EFM/VDSL/GPON/3G/LTE)
°   Firewalls, including content filtering/NAT/PAT/iptables, filtering, DOS/DDOS
°   QoS
°   IPv6
°   VPN
°   Wireless (802.11b/g/n)
°   Linux experience desirable (familiar with standard system tools, networking tools, troubleshooting, etc)
°   Industry Experience (~5 years)
°   Exposure/experience in hardware implementation and prototyping process preferred
°   Formal Project Management training an advantage (E.G Prince2), however not expecting experience in this point as it usually demands higher salaries and expectation to the role. We will usually send people to be PRINCE2 trained at some point
°   Good communication skills & experience in managing customer expectations.
°   Must be highly independent and responsible

please PM me for contact details


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