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Prototype for a telematic device


We’re looking for an expert to design and build a couple prototypes for a telematic device consisting of a GPS, accelerometer, camera, LTE modem and a deep learning specialized chip. We plan to use Raspberry Pi or a similar platform.

The ideal candidate for this work:
- has experience in building dedicated electronic systems
- has experience with Single Board Computers and external components like cameras, modems, GPS etc.
- has experience with fast interfaces like PCIe and USB3
- can deal with issues related to signal integrity, noise and interference
- can design a PCB
- ideally has experience with designing RF systems

Sparkbit is a Polish software house. We build reliable backend systems, web & mobile applications that help companies around the world to improve their businesses.


you placed this advertisement on many diffrent forums, but you don't answer people which were interested, what makes you not to be trustworthy!



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