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Rock Robotic Embedded PCB design


Hi EEVBLOG community! Long time viewer of the channel and the first place i would want to come to find some help!

We are a drone LiDAR mapping hardware and software company based out of Denver Colorado.  We have had the pleasure of building 2 LiDAR mapping products and are making big waves in the surveying and civil engineering world with our awesome lightweight products.  We are starting to design our next product and need help with some embedded design!

WE are looking for someone with experience with MCU such as MX6/MX8 or the Allwinner COM.  The project will be to layout a board to connect - MCU, IMU, GNSS, LiDAR, Camera.  we have components chosen for the most part and some reference systems.  Ideally we want the system to also be IP rated. so good understanding of thermal analysis will be necessary.  Experience with good layout to minimize EMI is very important as the device uses geodetic grade GNSS system and we dont want to drown the GPS signals with noise :)

The Rock team is a group of highly energetic nerds who are making high precision mapping tools and software! 

feel free to email me directly at if you are interested!

Thank you   


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